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The State of Baden-Württemberg in Southwest Germany shares borders with Switzerland and France and is home to famous university cities like Heidelberg, Tübingen and Freiburg. With beautiful landscapes including the Black Forest and Lake Constance, the state is known as one of the most innovative and research-driven regions in Europe.

With its state capital Stuttgart, Baden-Württemberg is driven by its strength of innovation, cutting-edge research and technology, as well as its strong economy. The state is home to multinational companies like Mercedes-Benz and Bosch along with a growing number of start-ups. It is the birthplace of famous inventors and scientists, among them Nobel Prize laureate Albert Einstein. Moreover, Baden-Württemberg offers an exceptionally high quality of life, along with an impressive range of cultural and recreational options.

The most higher-education institutions in Germany

The Ministry of Science, Research and Arts supports state universities, non-university research institutions, academic libraries and archives as well as the state's art and cultural institutions. There are currently more than 70 state and private universities in Baden-Württemberg. Teaching and research are closely intertwined here, leading to the latest research results finding their way into teaching practice. This guarantees that students benefit from top-notch science directly, thus ensuring the highest quality of education.

Baden-Württemberg’s internationally renowned universities and diverse higher education landscape is unmatched in Germany. Students can choose between 9 research universities – including 4 universities of excellence – 21 universities of applied science and 6 universities of education. Moreover, there are 8 art and music universities, academies for film, performing arts and pop music and a Cooperative State University (Duale Hochschule Baden-Württemberg) with 9 locations, integrating academic studies with workplace-training. These various types of higher education institutions feature diverse subject profiles and study objectives.

Baden-Württemberg is a diverse federal state in the heart of Europe. International students are an essential part of its universities. Since 2019, the European Union (EU) has been promoting particularly ambitious forms of transnational cooperation between higher education institutions with its "European Higher Education Alliances" initiative (Europäische Hochschulallianzen). As many as 8 Baden-Württemberg universities are involved in 7 European Higher Education Alliances. This international orientation allows the exchange of ideas to thrive at our universities and cultural institutions. In short, there is no better place to study in Germany than in Baden-Württemberg.

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