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Science, Research and Arts 

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The Ministry of Science, Research and Arts represents key areas of Baden-Württemberg's state policy. As the state's highest authority, its responsibilities extend to all of the state's universities, most of the non-university research institutions, the academic libraries as well as archives and important art institutions in Baden-Württemberg.

Wissenschaftsministerin Petra Olschowski steht in der Fußgängerzone vor dem Ministerium
  • Minister

Petra Olschowski

Petra Olschowski has been the Minister of Science, Research and Arts for the State of Baden-Württemberg since September 2022. Before she served as State Secretary in the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts.

Portraitbild von Staatssekretär Arne Braun
  • State Secretary

Arne Braun

As political state secretary, Arne Braun is responsible for art and cultural policy in the state and has been at the Ministry of Science, Research and Arts since September 2022.

Foto Dr. Hans Reiter
  • Deputy Minister

Dr. Hans J. Reiter

As Deputy Minister, Dr. Hans J. Reiter is the employer of the staff in the Ministry. He manages and coordinates the tasks performed by the departments.

Außenaufnahme des Ministeriums für Wissenschaft und Kunst Baden-Württemberg (Mittnachtbau)
  • Ministry

Responsibilities and organisation

The Ministry of Science, Research and Arts is responsible for important areas of the state policy.